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Sunday Stroll in Grove Park
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Hello everyone.
We’ve started exploring the activities that are offered in Birmingham and sampling some of the city’sculture,food, and sights. We all enjoy the diversity and multiculturalism of Birmingham, and love that we can find new things right on our doorstep. So, where does a nature loving cat and his friends start? The park, of course!

Here’s an interesting fact; Birmingham has more

It`s Caturday!
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Our New Home
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Hello everybody!Let me introduce my friends and me.We are PG Cat and Friends. ‘PG’ stands for ‘protect globe’  because that is our mission! We’ve recently moved to the buzzing city of Birmingham, England.  Enjoying the street art at Floodgate Arch

Today we thought we’d show you around our neck of the woods and the heart of the city’s creativity, The Custard Factory in Digbeth!
The Secret of Lazy Sunday
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PG Cat: Hello, hello, hello!
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My name’s PG Cat and I’m happy to welcome you all to our website. We are on a mission to spread laughter, creativity and interesting facts to all of our human friends.


I get around because, what can I say, I’m a cat! I’ve learned a lot about different cultures and the varied ways that you guys live your lives. I love this planet. That’s why I’m a huge fan of being environmentally friendly.

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