PG Cat was invented by artist and scientist Annamain in 1996. Originally born as an ambassador for fun, education and social change, he is now surrounded by his PG family. Together, they care about life, culture and green energy. In 2014, PG Cat and his family took part in UN-led climate action and aimed to spread messages throughout the world.
Connecting people via small gifts, motivators and greetings cards, PG Cat and his family share a global message of happiness and strong will to use modern technology for a happy and sustainable future. Each Character has their own story, which speaks about their personality.
Annamain is attentive to emerging contemporary issues created by digital media. An alternative side of her practice considers the digital communication of serious issues occurring in the physical world, such as climate change. This is combined with exploration of avatar identities, in order to design characters who act as Anna's correspondents.

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