Sunday Stroll in Grove Park
Author: PG Cat • Date: 23 March 2019 at 02:08 PM

Hello everyone.
We’ve started exploring the activities that are offered in Birmingham and sampling some of the city’sculture,food, and sights. We all enjoy the diversity and multiculturalism of Birmingham, and love that we can find new things right on our doorstep. So, where does a nature loving cat and his friends start? The park, of course!

Here’s an interesting fact; Birmingham has more parks than any other European city!

We decided on Grove Park in Harborne because of its huge open space and gorgeous views. Plus,a bonus, there are a great variety of places to eat after getting some fresh air.From snacks and nibbles to an amazing Sunday roast, the friendly suburb of Harborne has you covered! 

Perfect if you’relittle like me!

Or just love eating, like me!

We ran in and let our senses take in the surroundings. There were people laughing and enjoying a game of tennis, kids playing on swings and dogwalkers strolling. Also, there was a refreshing cool air and the sun glowed a huge hello tous.
We all galloped in on the long path and quickly met the local ducks…

Watch out for the banks! They’re very slippery in the winter mud. All was swell, I was minding my own business casually strollingwhen I suddenly made a grand entrance by skidding and landing with a big splash. Of course,Everybody laughed. Even the ducks looked amused.

 You and ‘casual’ do not go in the same sentence, PG Raccoon!

Thankfully they were real friendly and, once I dried off, we got talking.

They told me their favourite breads are from the Basement Café and Bakery just at the top of the High Street.I told them I’ll see what I can swipe from the bins in future.

This guy is the boss of the park. Don’t be fooled by his intimidating look. He’s always up fora crusty roll and a talk. He offered a ride to Nervous Mouse and Bill the snail because they’re so slow.

Quite the contrary, you’re just far too fast, PG Raccoon!

I second that!

Wegathered around this colossal cedar tree in the middle of the park. It is believed to have been planted around 1785! If trees could whisper to snails, I imagine this one would have a fair few stories and words of wisdom to tell. 

Caveman and Cavegirl found a nice spot to watch the day go by. It looked very peaceful and romantic near the pond. We left them there and allowed them to explore the park a little more.

We walked a little further around the cedar tree and relaxed in this big open space.The sun gently caressed the winter leaves and we began to feel like we were in a fairy tale.

Though I would NOT recommend being here after dark.I’ve seen what happens in horror films!

I scurried off to find a quiet safe place to keep warm. At the bottom of these steps, there is a fork which leads to different pathways. It made me think of a storywhere a character finds a path leading to different adventures.I don’t enjoy too much space, or too much excitement. I preferred to cuddle up in the crispy leaves. It was also ideal for me as I could keep snug or scamper through the bushes and leaves without being trodden on.

We were startled by an affectionate little puppy here. I attracted a lot of attention in the park, mainly because there were a lot of people walking their dogs. But I’m a friendly cat, I like dogs.
His humans were easy-going too, they gave me one of the dog biscuits!

I was surprised to see that parts of the park are neatly tucked away, which makes the space a good sight for watching wildlife. Apparently, some of the spots in the park are a hotspot for bat watching around dusk. Some people are afraid of bats, but really, they are just nervous mice with wings!

The views in Grove Park are something else. We wish we could have stayed longer but everyone was starting to shiver.
Of course he was cold! Hestill wears a loincloth in the 21st century!
 I wonder what it was like here in our day?
From a summer picnic and game of rounders to a winter snowball fight and snowy fun, Grove park has something to offer all year round. We shall most definitely be back soon.





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